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Monday, January 23, 2012

New GRS Zimbabwe Video!

Check out this video - the staff and coaches in this documentary are the very people I work with every single day in Zimbabwe. They are incredibly dedicated and passionate.

Just stopped by the orphanage to set up a soccer game for Saturday morning. I'm going to drop off some cleats for the soccer players and get some pictures (thanks Brown family!). The orphanage has an awesome vibe and I can't wait to start spending more time there. Patience, the social worker in charge, chatted with me today to set up Saturday and then came out to the car to meet Nkosi. She said we should bring him this weekend - the kids will love him. It's the first time she'd patted a dog's head, she said. Dogs are not pets in Zimbabwe, and definitely not members of the family like Nkosi is! I found out the kids call Patience 'Sistah P', so from now on she will officially be Sis P, and no more of this Patience stuff.

So far we've just been settling back in and handling a rush of reports due on 31 January. Yesterday we went to Makokoba for dinner with Esnath, our Zimbabwean mom, and her EXTENDED family. I mean extended. Dinner in the ghetto in Bulawayo means blaring music and every relative you ever had crammed into a tiny flat until they're spilling out the door. It was a very very memorable evening, right down to the two live chickens we purchased in the market and stewed all afternoon to eat with the sadza. Pictures and a full update to come! This is a quick fix because internet has been terrible lately. We were down all weekend and only got it back at 5pm today.

More to come. GO PATS!

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